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19 Aug


Goodbye To The 2015 TCD MBA Students

19th August 2015 | By |

trinity college mba studentsLast Friday there was a reception in Trinity College Dublin (TCD) to say good bye to the graduating MBA students. The 2015 TCD MBA students are both full-time, who have put in an extremely intensive year of study and project activity and part-time, who have juggled work and college for nearly two years. Of course they’ve all had the demands of their personal lives to deal with as well which are frequently very demanding for people at this stage of their lives.

I always try to get to their last day as the students’ exhilaration and delight at their achievement is infectious.  It is slightly bittersweet to say goodbye to people you’ve had the privilege of getting to know at an important time in their lives but it is also exciting to hear of their hopes and plans.

At the start of my module (Business in Society) each year I tell students that my ultimate learning objective for them is that they get into the news only for all the amazing things they are doing and not because of trouble.  But actually it’s more than than.  My objective is that they develop their awareness of business ethics and corporate social responsibility, that they go on to manage businesses in such a way that they create great workplaces with thriving and engaged employees, that they create lasting mutually beneficial relationships with customers and suppliers, that they build links with the communities in which they operate and that they consider their impact on on our planet and on society in the decisions they make.

The most moving feedback that I got last year was when a student said, “you’re making me think about all kinds of things I’ve never thought about in business before.”  The potential impact of managers who think about these things is huge for all stakeholders.  If you have a good manager you’re happier and more secure in your work which in turn makes for a better home life. The incremental improvements for all sectors of society through more responsible management are immeasurable. Business people who think about these things also offer, I believe, our greatest hope in solving our world’s most difficult problems. It’s my privilege to play a tiny part in laying some of the groundwork.

Looking forward to meeting the new intake in the next few weeks.