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19 Aug


Goodbye To The 2015 TCD MBA Students

19th August 2015 | By |

trinity college mba studentsLast Friday there was a reception in Trinity College Dublin (TCD) to say good bye to the graduating MBA students. The 2015 TCD MBA students are both full-time, who have put in an extremely intensive year of study and project activity and part-time, who have juggled work and college for nearly two years. Of course they’ve all had the demands of their personal lives to deal with as well which are frequently very demanding for people at this stage of their lives.

I always try to get to their last day as the students’ exhilaration and delight at their achievement is infectious.  It is slightly bittersweet to say goodbye to people you’ve had the privilege of getting to know at an important time in their lives but it is also exciting to hear of their hopes and plans. Read More

11 Jun


Great customer service but what about the ethical considerations?

11th June 2015 | By |

corporate ethicsI came across this HBR article which gives some great insights into the possibilities that technology offers for improving customer service. It gives some marvelous advice to business managers about how to do this more effectively in terms of thinking about the customer’s experience from the customer’s point of view and tailoring the service offered to what is most important to them.

As a consumer I love the idea of receiving more personalized service and tailored offerings.  However I do worry that the article overlooks the ethical considerations that should also be on a manager’s checklist. What are the privacy and data protection implications? Are there unintended consequences we need to consider? What information is the customer being asked to provide in order to avail of these enhanced service options? How much information do we need to give to the customer so that they can make an informed choice? If they miss out on these considerations managers risk reputation damage to the business in the pursuit of great customer service. Read More