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03 Sep


Small Businesses Can Get Value From CSR Too

3rd September 2015 | By |

corporate social responsibility IrelandThis article from the Huffington Post talking about how the business case for CSR applies to smaller companies as well as large ones resonated with me. Since I started this business twelve years ago it’s been an ongoing source of frustration to me that we get business almost exclusively from large organisations. Read More

19 Aug


Goodbye To The 2015 TCD MBA Students

19th August 2015 | By |

trinity college mba studentsLast Friday there was a reception in Trinity College Dublin (TCD) to say good bye to the graduating MBA students. The 2015 TCD MBA students are both full-time, who have put in an extremely intensive year of study and project activity and part-time, who have juggled work and college for nearly two years. Of course they’ve all had the demands of their personal lives to deal with as well which are frequently very demanding for people at this stage of their lives.

I always try to get to their last day as the students’ exhilaration and delight at their achievement is infectious.  It is slightly bittersweet to say goodbye to people you’ve had the privilege of getting to know at an important time in their lives but it is also exciting to hear of their hopes and plans. Read More

08 Jun


India and legally mandated CSR

8th June 2015 | By |

India's Legally mandated CSRFor years CSR researchers and commentators have debated whether it is practical or even desirable to impose CSR requirements on business. So I was interested in the first major implementation of this in India which legally mandated CSR last year. The law applies to companies with net worth of 5 billion Rs. (approximately $80 million); turnover of 10 billion Rs. at least (approximately $160 million); or net profit that exceeds 50 million Rs. (approximately $830,000).

This article reviewing first 13 months of India CSR companies act provides an interesting review of progress so far and makes the point that the change in the ruling party after last year’s election slowed things down as many believed that legislation would be delayed or softened to be more ‘business-friendly’. Read More

26 May


2015 Global CSR Study

26th May 2015 | By |

Research from Cone Communications is always worth a look. Here you’ll find their 2015 Global CSR study entitled 2015 CONE COMMUNICATIONS/EBIQUITY GLOBAL CSR STUDY which looks at the attitudes of Global consumers to CSR and their desire to see the companies they buy from addressing environmental and social problems. The results are encouraging though I confess that I take a slightly cynical view as we know consumers tend to tell researchers that they’ll buy from ‘good’ companies, even that they’ll pay more for products from ‘good’ companies but their actions don’t always follow their words.