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Encouraging Ethical Behaviour

The ethical tone of an organisation is set by the people who manage and supervise. This training is designed to help them do this in a way that encourages others to engage in ethical behaviour.

Managers and supervisors learn about the problems that occur in organisations and the power they have to prevent them. We look at what influences personal decision making and the group dynamics that can lead to unethical conduct.

Managers learn simple tools to help them increase the likelihood of ethical behaviour. They also learn about common management practices that may unwittingly encourage un-ethical behaviour and how they can avoid these traps.  Managers are more sensitized to their own actions and their impact on others.

Most people strive to do the right thing and therefore find this training both interesting and practical. Training can be tailored to your organisation’s specific situation.

Contact us today to discuss your needs and how this training could inspire your managers to be better leaders and encourage ethical behaviour in all around them.