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Whistle Blowing Policy (Protected Disclosures)

Good employers realise that it is better to uncover problems early and fix them before they become a disaster.  A recent survey found that most employers expressed support of whistleblowers but that most workplaces lacked awareness of the requirements of the Protected Disclosures Act commonly referred to as whistle blower protection? Does this sound like your workplace?  We can help.

Do you have an fit-for-purpose whistle blowing policy in your organisation? Do your employees know where to go with disclosures?  Do they understand their options? Do people in your workplace understand that there must be no retaliation against whistle blowers or anyone connected to them?

Do you have people nominated to act as recipients of protected disclosures?  Have you offered training to help these people meet the requirements of the legislation?

We offer both advice & training and can help you introduce whistle blowing policies and processes that are effective and manageable, that fit your company culture and that allow you to deal effectively with potential problems before they become disasters. This includes encouraging employees to report wrongdoing, reporting processes, investigation and feedback channels as well as anti-retaliation policies.

Get in touch to discuss any concerns you have regarding your organisation’s compliance with the Protected Disclosures Act.