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GMJ Associates offer local expertise in corporate responsibility to companies based in Ireland. We combine know-how and ‘real world’ experience. Clients tell us that they like our practical approach. We work with you to understand the specific issues faced by your organisation. Together we find the unique approach that will have the most impact. Contact us today to discuss your challenges.

Code of Conduct and Compliance

It makes good sense to have a tailored code of conduct (or code of ethics) to help ensure compliance in your organisation.  We work with you to identify the risks and the topics that need to be covered. We help you compose the code so that it is effective with your audience. We can advise you on disseminating and communicating the code among employees and other stakeholders as appropriate for your unique situation. A code of conduct is only the first step in Read More

Non-Financial Reporting, CSR Reporting, Sustainability Reporting

More companies are engaging in CSR reporting or Sustainability reporting and publishing formal reports on their corporate responsibility, CSR activities and sustainability. Many are seeking external verification of these reports.

With the advent of the European Directive on Non-Financial Reporting, larger companies will have to report on environmental matters, social and employee aspects, human rights, anti-corruption and bribery and diversity in the board. Smaller organisations are also finding such reporting to be a useful management and monitoring tool and increasingly their larger customers are demanding it.

Preparing a CSR report or Sustainability report can be a daunting task. How can you report effectively for your organisation? What is important for you to report? How do you determine materiality? Who do you need to communicate with? What is the best way to connect with your audience? What should you measure?  Read More

Corporate Philanthropy

Many companies engage in corporate philanthropy and make charitable donations supporting good causes. Many companies enable volunteering by employees. The smart companies give in a way that also creates benefit for their business. They design employee volunteering programmes that are aligned with their business, using core skills to help charities or enabling employees develop new skills and improve confidence and self-esteem.

Strategic philanthropy is better for your business and for the cause you are supporting. It’s about getting to the root causes of social problems and enabling visionary solutions to make a better society.  Read More

CSR Strategy

You’re probably already doing lots of great things in your organisation in relation to Corporate Social Responsibility or CSR strategy. How can you align these so that they create the most benefit for your business?

GMJ Associates can help you develop your CSR strategy and prioritise the things that are most important for your unique situation. Using our Strategic CSR Decision Framework we will work with you to identify what you can do to create maximum value and maximum impact for both your business and the society in which you operate.

You avoid spending money on things that are just nice to do but lack impact and focus your budget on what gives long-term pay back and aligns with the vision and values of your organisation.

Contact us today to discuss how we can help you develop your best-fit CSR strategy.

Whistle Blowing Policy (Protected Disclosures)

Good employers realise that it is better to uncover problems early and fix them before they become a disaster.  A 2016 survey found that most employers expressed support of whistle blowers but that most workplaces lacked awareness of the requirements of the Protected Disclosures Act commonly referred to as whistle blower protection. And the recent EU Directive will require companies of more than 50 employees to have policies and processes for the reporting and investigation of concerns and to ensure there is no retaliation towards any worker for raising a concern.

Do you have an fit-for-purpose whistle blowing policy in your organisation?  Do your employees know where to go with disclosures?  Do they understand their options?  Do managers in your organisation know how to act on receipt of reports?  Do people in your workplace understand that there must be no retaliation against whistle blowers or anyone connected to them?

We offer both advice & training and can help you introduce whistle blowing policies and processes that are effective and manageable, that fit your company culture and that allow you to deal effectively with potential problems before they become disasters.

Get in touch to discuss how we can help you ensure your organisation is in compliance and prepared for future legislation as well


GMJ Associates are GoodCorporation assessors. The GoodCorporation Standard was created to help organisations to manage, measure and develop their management practices in light of increasing scrutiny of corporate responsibility. Based on a set of core principles devised Read More